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Pleated shades provide a beautiful aesthetic to any room and can fit any size window, including angled, arched and skylights. Featuring a pleated woven polyester fabric that will prevent the pleats from separating and keep them from sagging, Pleated shades from Bartlett Blinds will enhance any window.

Whatever your light control goals may be—to let light in or completely keep it out—our sheer, light-filtering or room darkening options will help you achieve them. Plus, our Pleated shades can also be customized to your texture preferences, so whether you want to soften your view, protect against harmful UV rays, reduce glare or increase privacy, we’ve got you—and your windows—covered.

Here at Bartlett Blinds, you can customize the perfect Pleated shades for you and your home by choosing from a wide variety of colors, fabrics, patterns and textures.