Blinded by the Light: Top 3 Shades To Keep Summer Heat Out

Blinded by the Light: Top 3 Shades To Keep Summer Heat Out

Hello, summer sunshine! We’ve been waiting for the warm sun’s appearance all year long. While basking in the sun is quite comforting for some extra warmth or absorbing some much-needed vitamin D, sometimes the sun pierces through our home and heats up the interior a bit too much for our comfort. If you find yourself looking for ways to keep out the summer heat, leave it to Bartlett Blinds to help you out with the top shades that prevent heat.

Throw on Some Solar Shade

Looking for a modern yet efficient way to keep your home cool? Our high-end solar shades that prevent heat, are exactly what your home needs! Designed to keep the internal temperature of your home low, these shades do a great job of filtering out harmful UV rays caused by the sun, making them the best UV protection shades on the market. You’ll find that they not only accentuate your home’s interior but will significantly reduce your heating and AC costs! There are a ton of styles and varieties to choose from, so you’ll always find a great shade aesthetic for your home.

Simple Sheer Shades

If you find that a beautiful fabric works best for the windows on your home, you won’t find anything more glamorous than sheer shades that prevent heat. Made from elegant soft fabric, sheer shades work as UV protection shades to combat these harmful rays. You’ll find that these shades will not only maintain the amount of natural light that flows through your home but offer great privacy from the outdoors without completely taking away the view.

Pleasing Pleated Shades

These shades are excellent for those who are searching for shades to block heat but in a highly fashionable way. Whether your windows are skylights or have unique angles, pleated shades add a great visual effect to your windows for when you want to completely block the summer sun or filter certain amounts of sunlight shining through. These shades can be customized based on your style preferences of color, pattern, texture, and sizing.

Keeping your home cool this summer doesn’t always mean spending too much money on your energy bill. We highly recommend choosing great quality shades for your home to stay cool and look stylish all at once! Contact us at Bartlett Blinds to get started on cooling your home today.