Half Window Shutters

Bartlett Blinds cafe shutters with open windows at the top and shutters for privacy directly below.

Bartlett Blind’s Cafe Style Shutters create the perfect balance between functionality and beauty. Also known as half window shutters, you can choose to keep the bottom portion closed—preserving your privacy—while letting sunlight in through the top portion. Whether you want a durable, low-maintenance composite material, prefer wood, or would like to go with a polymer option, we have the best materials to choose from. Plus, you can also easily customize any of our high-quality shutters, thanks to our wide selection of stains, finishes, colors, and wood-matching options.

Not only will this product provide you with optimal privacy, but you will also enjoy its classic charm. So, if you are looking to create a warm and inviting ambiance in your home or business, these cafe plantation shutters are a wonderful option. Call us to get started!