The History of Bartlett Blinds and Shutters


Ryan Barlett founded Bartlett Blinds and Shutters after working for the second largest window treatment company in the world. As a U.S. veteran, serving others is in Ryan’s DNA, and he brings this spirit to every client he works with, and every window he covers. After spending years working with motorization/automation window treatments, his knowledge of motorized shades—and how to pair them with home automation systems—exceeds anyone else’s in the market. With this vast knowledge, Ryan confidently provides all of his customers with the best window treatment solutions; no matter the type of window, Bartlett Blinds and Shutters can cover it!


Let Bartlett Blinds and Shutters serve all of your window treatment needs. Whether you are interested in installing blinds, accents, shutters, shades, or drapes, we will create custom solutions to fit your design preferences and your window needs. Schedule your FREE in-home consultation with us today!