Cellular Shades (also known as honeycomb or pleated shades), are made up of multiple honeycomb cells located within the shade, which helps provide amazing insulation. Additionally, Cellular shades from Bartlett Blinds are created from extra soft fabric, so they will keep your home’s temperature regulated and will also help improve the energy efficiency of any room they are in.

No matter what your light control goals are—to let light in or completely keep it out—our sheer, light-filtering, room darkening or blackout options will help you achieve them. And because we can fit any of our customized window treatments to any window, we can match your Cellular shades to any unique window you may have, such as angled, arches, hexagons, skylights and more.

Here at Bartlett Blinds, you can customize the perfect Cellular shades for you and your home by choosing from a wide variety of colors and fabrics.