For moments when you want to open your blinds to fill your home with soft light and those other moments when you want them closed for maximum privacy, our Fabric blinds will provide the best of both worlds. And here at Bartlett Blinds, we treat all of our custom Fabric blinds with topcoat is specifically designed to defend against dust and dirt.Not only are our Fabric blinds beautiful, but they are also durable and are easy to clean. So whether your home is filled with kids, pets or you just like to keep it clean, these blinds are a low-maintenance option. Plus, our blinds are fade and warp-resistant, so they can be a part of your life—and still looking like new—for years to come.

Here at Bartlett Blinds, you can customize your Fabric blinds by choosing the perfect fabric, color or pattern, so you can create the perfect look in your home.