How to get your windows spring-ready

How to get your windows spring-ready

Like every part of your home, your windows too bear the brunt of the winter season. But with spring taking over the reins, among the first things you need to do is give your home a full check to determine the extent of damage or repairs that are needed to be done. Checking and rectifying your windows is a vital part of this post-winter home maintenance exercise. Bartlett Blinds and Shutters has always strived to ease the lives of its customers, in ways other than making available virtually every kind  of window treatment under the sun. Here’s a blog that’ll help you with the basics of window cleaning and maintenance to get your windows good and ready this spring.


Clean your windows


The winter season would have left your windows with frost patterns or frosted surfaces. This happens because of the temperature difference between the outside and inside environments. This difference leads to condensation of vapor on your window surfaces that eventually turn into frost. Here are a few steps you can follow to clean your windows in the best and safest way possible.


1) Don’t go overboard with soap. Use a cleaning solution that’s recommended by the manufacturer along with a small quantity of soap and water.


2) Use a squeegee to remove the soapy film off your windows and then wipe the window clean and dry with a microfiber cloth.


3) Clear away the drips immediately to stop water from permeating into the windowsill and wooden frame.


Check your window seals


Check your weather-stripping for damages, which is likely because of the formation of ice in the open spaces between windows and their frames. This accumulated ice makes it difficult to smoothly open windows and the extra friction is what causes cracks in your weather-stripping. An inspection will enable you to detect damages and make timely replacements. This in turn, will help you avoid air leaks that make your HVAC system work harder and leads to higher energy bills. As far as the caulking is concerned, you can scrape off the old layer and reapply a fresh one either by yourself or via a professional.


Give the hardware a look


Freezing  cold  temperatures don’t just affect the surfaces of your windows but also the hardware elements. Check if you can open and close your windows smoothly, without using undue pressure. If they don’t open easily, apply a lubricant that’s recommended by your contractor to parts like latches, handles, hinges and any other mechanism that’s involved in operating your windows.


Windows play an important role in ensuring you and your family a comforting environment in every season. Not just in winters but even in seasons following afterward. A thorough check and maintenance before or after every season therefore, will help you keep your windows in their best condition and your home ready for the next season, which happens to be spring. We trust you’ll find the tips mentioned in this article helpful in getting your windows spring-ready. If you’re in the market for custom window accents, window blinds installation, high-tech window blinds or simply desire to connect with the best window replacement company near you, connect with us at Bartlett Blinds and Shutters. We are well-known for pampering our customers with the highest quality window treatment  products at surprisingly fair prices. Give us a call and we’ll look forward to getting your windows dressed up appropriately for the rest of the spring season.