Installing new windows on a home can enhance the curb appeal and also reduce energy usage each season. Although there are many different window installation companies available in the local area, they vary in the quality of services they offer. Here are a few important questions to ask the window installation company to make it easier to find the right team of professionals and know what to expect.

1. Do you charge a fee for estimates?

Most reputable window installation companies will provide their customers with a free estimate as the homeowners shop around for window replacement services. However, some companies charge a small fee, which customers should be aware of before they ask them to visit their home to obtain a quote. Regardless, it’s important to hire a company that has competitive rates but doesn’t have prices that are too low, which can mean they use low-quality materials or aren’t as experienced in the industry.

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2. Can you provide examples of your past work?

It’s important to see photos of the work that the window installation company performs to ensure the customer is satisfied with the end result. Companies that are established in the industry can provide customers with photos and also have references.

3. Who will be present during the window installation appointment?

Customers should be aware of the different technicians who will be present on their property when the windows are installed. Some contractors do the work themselves while other companies hire subcontractors to assist them.

4. How do you plan to protect my home?

The window installation company should plan to protect the different features and materials on the property to avoid damage when installing new fiber vinyl windows. They should also have a clean-up process in place to ensure they don’t leave the house a mess after they leave the property.

5. What is your level of experience?

Ask about the company’s level of experience in the industry to ensure they’re qualified to perform window installation or Ardmore window repair. They should also have certifications to ensure they’re trained to install the specific type of windows the homeowner wants to have on their home.

6. How long does it take to install new windows?

When homeowners want to have windows installed on their property, it can require leaving the home as the work is performed. They may also need to remove pets that are on the property, which makes it necessary to know how long the process will take to complete. Installing one window is a quicker process than installing windows on each floor of the home, making it necessary to know the timeframe to ensure they can work around the schedule of the project.

7. Can the weather cause delays?

The siding and window contractors in Ardmore, PA should be able to tell customers if the weather can lead to delays. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can cause delays to occur, which makes it necessary to remain flexible and patient. If customers plan to install new windows in the fall or winter, it can cause interruptions if there’s rain or snow. Some contractors are still capable of working in poor weather conditions, but it’s important to hire professionals who don’t cut corners to avoid damage or mistakes.

Once customers know what questions to ask a window installation company, it can be easier to narrow down their options to determine what company they want to hire. They can look forward to hiring reputable professionals who will deliver quality results that increase the quality of their homes.