Shutters & Insulation: What You Need To Know And Tips On What To Purchase

Shutters & Insulation: What You Need To Know And Tips On What To Purchase

Don’t get us wrong: filling our homes with beautiful summer sunshine does wonder about our electricity bill! However, sometimes the sun can quickly transform our home to warm and toasty to hot and stuffy. Before you turn up the air conditioning, keep reading! The home cooling connoisseurs here at Bartlett Blinds are here to answer questions like: 


  • Are shutters good for insulation? 
  • Do shutters keep heat out? 
  • How can I save money on my A/C bill without making costly investments? 


We highly recommend reading about the benefits of shutters and how you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature without overspending all summer long.

For those of you who ask, “do shutters keep heat out”, we’d like to confirm that they do a great job preventing heat from entering your home! Providing a sturdy barrier against UV radiation, shutters are a popular way to combat unwanted heat from the sun depending on the shutter material. Take a glimpse at our list of the top heat-repelling shutters you should consider for your home.


Wooden Shutters 

Known for more than just a stylistic home addition, wooden shutters are one of the best shutters to keep heat out of your home. If you have been wondering to yourself, “are shutters good for insulation?”, wooden shutters are proven to be excellent for keeping your home cool. More than just a beautiful accessory to every room in your home, these shutters are engineered to maintain cool temperatures in each room you have them, blocking out unwanted heat from the sun. When you’re in the market for state-of-the-art shutters, choose wooden shutters to satisfy your temperature control needs!


Composite Shutters

One of the top, go-to shutters of all time are composite shutters. Composite shutters are designed for protecting those high-humidity rooms in your home from the harmful UV rays the sun emits without causing you to compromise on style! This synthetic material gives off the appearance of natural wood without causing you to spend more money, making them the perfect home addition to every room. Composite shutters are crafted for durability, resisting cracks and other damages from occurring often. Go for the composite shutters the next time you are searching for a high-quality shutter! 

After reading a little about the benefits of shutters, don’t you want to purchase your own for your home? Leave it all to Bartlett Blinds to keep your home cool and well-insulated all times of the year! Feel free to contact us today to get in touch with our professional shutter specialists.