The Benefits Of Installing Interior Window Shutters In Your Home

How can you update the look of your home while also increasing its functionality – and maybe even improving its resale value?

Investing in custom interior shutters for windows!

Shutters are a great window treatment option that can elevate your home’s appearance and provide a variety of other great benefits. 

Here are just a few of those key benefits!  

Custom Shutters Let You Enjoy Greater Privacy 

One of the most common reasons many homeowners update their properties with window shutters is privacy. 

Shutters allow you to control the amount of visibility into your home which makes it easier to maintain your preferred level of privacy. This is especially important if you have small children in your household and/or live in a densely populated neighborhood. Strangers who are walking past your property won’t be able to peer into your window and see your family members and possessions. 

Additionally, maintaining this greater level of privacy is also important if you work remotely from home. Shutters let you protect the privacy of colleagues and clients when you’re attending video conference meetings. They also help ensure greater confidentiality when you’re working with important paperwork or assets. 

Custom Shutters Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Another benefit of shutters that many homeowners enjoy is improved energy efficiency. 

Once installed, window shutters act as an extra layer of insulation, helping to keep your home cooler in the spring and summer and warmer during the fall and winter. By helping to keep your home at more comfortable temperatures all year round, you won’t have to run your air or heater as frequently. 

Not only does this prolong the life of your HVAC unit, furnace or air conditioning units, it also helps reduce the cost of your energy bills. 

Custom Shutters Offer Greater Light Control 

Do you find it difficult to watch TV, view a computer screen or just take a nap during the day because the sunlight is way too powerful? Or maybe a really bright streetlight faces your bedroom window and disrupts your sleep? 

Shutters are the perfect solution for both of these scenarios. 

Since their designs allow you to control the amount of light that enters each room, you can keep your home office or baby’s bedroom darker during the day so you can work more efficiently and effectively and your child can take an uninterrupted nap. 

You can also use shutters light control properties to help create the perfect ambience for your home during the early hours of the morning or evening. 

Custom Shutters Are Incredibly Durable 

When it comes to choosing the right window treatment for your home, durability should definitely be a major consideration. 

Depending on the materials used in their construction and design, shutters are often an incredibly durable and long-lasting window treatment option. This makes them a great investment for your home. 

Still Not Sure About Shutters? Get The Expert Opinion! 

While we think the above benefits make a great case for choosing shutters, you may still have some questions about these window treatments. 

That’s ok! We’re here to help you! 

If you’re thinking about elevating your home with custom shutters, but you’re not sure which styles to choose or which options best suit your needs, our experts can offer suggestions and show samples to help you decide. 

For example, wood shutters create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that’s ideal for most homes. Their solid construction also provides greater privacy, gives your more light control and acts as extra insulation for your home. 

However, if you’re thinking about adding shutters to your kitchen or bathrooms, our composite shutters may be the way to go. They look just like wooden shutters, but their material is better suited for high-moisture areas. 

And double-hung shutters let you keep the lower half of your windows covered to protect your children’s privacy, but allow you to open up the top half to let some more sunshine into your home!

If you’re interested in custom interior shutters for windows, our unique process brings our showroom to your living room!

Contact us today to schedule your at-home consultation with one of our window treatment experts!