Child-Friendly Window Treatments

As a trusted veteran-owned and operated business, dedicated to creating and installing stylish custom window treatments for your home, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your loved ones, especially children. 

Below, we’ll share some simple and effective ways you can help child-proof your window treatments to prevent accidents and create a more safe and secure environment for your family.

Understanding the Potential Risks

Before we explore the solutions, let’s look at some potential issues you’ll want to avoid when decorating your home with new window treatments. 

Window treatments, if not properly installed and secured, may lead to several potential hazards for children, including dangling cords to entangling drapes. 

To avoid any child-related accidents involving window treatments, it’s important to take a few proactive measures. 

Choose Kid-Friendly Window Treatments

When it comes to selecting window treatments for a child-friendly environment, certain characteristics are preferable. 

If possible, opt for window treatments designed without dangling cords. Additionally, you may want to consider the window treatment options’ durability and ease of maintenance, as children can be quite adventurous in their everyday explorations and household adventures. 

Types of Kid-Friendly Window Treatments

Fortunately, many traditional treatments that pose potential hazards have been redesigned to reduce risks to household safety. 

Now, there are plenty of kid-friendly window treatment options available to suit every style and preference. From versatile blinds to elegant shutters, each option prioritizes safety without compromising on appeal. 

Explore the following types to find the perfect fit for your home:


Blinds are a popular choice for many homes due to their versatility and functionality. Opt for cordless options or those with inaccessible cords to reduce the risk of potential hazards such as accidental strangulation. 


Shutters not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provide excellent light control, insulation, and privacy. Custom plantation shutters are a great option thanks to their sturdy construction and cordless designs. 


Shades offer a soft, elegant look while providing privacy and light control. If you’re considering custom shades for your home, choose cordless or motorized options to help reduce the risk of hazards such as entanglement.


Drapes are a wonderful way to add a touch of sophistication to any room while offering versatility in design and fabric choices. 

Having your custom drapes professionally installed ensures that the drapery hardware is secure in case tiny hands decide to test their strength by tugging on them. Professional installers can also provide cord cleats to keep the cords out of children’s reach.

Take Additional Safety Measures

In addition to choosing custom-designed, kid-friendly window treatments and having them professionally installed, there are some other safety measures you can practice. 

Educating children about window safety is an effective first step. Teach them about the dangers associated with misusing and playing with window treatments and establish clear household rules to prevent accidents. By instilling awareness and responsibility, you can help children navigate their surroundings safely.

Performing regular maintenance is essential to ensure the continued safety of your window treatments. Perform routine inspections to check for any signs of wear or damage. Then, promptly call your window treatment specialists to repair or replace any compromised components. 

By staying proactive, you can mitigate potential risks and maintain a safe environment for your children.

When in Doubt — Consult the Experts at Bartlett Blinds 

Safeguarding your home against potential hazards is important, especially when it comes to window treatments. 

By prioritizing child safety and implementing the suggested safety measures, you can create a secure environment for your family to thrive. 

However, if you’re in doubt, you can always seek professional guidance from your trusted custom window treatment experts at Bartlett Blinds. 

Our experienced team of professionals can assess your specific needs, recommend tailored solutions, and ensure proper installation for maximum safety and functionality. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance when it comes to kid-friendly window treatments!