3 Tips To Make A Room Bigger With Blinds

3 Tips To Make A Room Bigger With Blinds

All homeowners dream of having a home with plenty of space. Whether you have a large family or simply want the illusion of bigger rooms in your home, obtaining more spacious rooms doesn’t necessarily mean you need to resort to knocking down walls or having pricy home additions done. There are actually plenty of tips on how to make a room look bigger without spending money on expensive room remodels, starting with your window treatments! Leave it to the window blind specialists at Bartlett Blinds to share our advice on how to make a room look bigger with blinds.

Opt For Blinds That Are Low Profile

Yes, you really can change the size appearance of each room in your home just with blinds! Choosing the right blinds to achieve this starts with selecting blinds that are low profile. Vertical blinds, for example, are quite stunning but tend to make rooms look smaller in size. In contrast, wooden blinds allow your windows to have proper shade without coming off as too bulky or as a space killer. If you are in the market for blinds that solve your problem on how to make a room look bigger, go for the simple, low profile blinds!

Select Light Colors 

They say the lighter something is, the brighter it is, and blinds are no exception. Brighter rooms tend to give off a more spacious area but instead of repainting all of your walls to lighter hues, select blinds with light-colored materials. We always carry a wide range of blind colors here at Bartlett Blinds, making us the leading supplier of the best blinds for increasing the appearance of your space.

Install Blinds Above Your Window 

If the windows you have in your home are small in size, creating the illusion of a bigger room can be done easily by having your blinds installed above the window. By doing this, you automatically draw the eyes upward, giving off the appearance that your room is taller and more spacious than reality. It’s a win-win situation: your room will appear bigger while your blinds will still be able to serve its purpose. 

Why overspend on your home to make the rooms bigger when you can bypass the time and expenses by having the right blinds installed? Bartlett Blinds has got you covered when it comes to making the most of your home’s space with the best blinds on the market! If you have more questions for us on how to make a room look bigger with blinds, please contact us today!