Having the ability to create more privacy or to let in more light to your home or office building starts with high-end window shutters. This type of window treatment helps to accentuate your property by adding an aesthetically pleasing feature to every window they are installed on that comes with a variety of benefits. Finding the best type of shutters for windows is made possible thanks to the window treatment specialists at Bartlett Blinds! We are proud to service homes and businesses in King of Prussia, PA, bringing both style and convenience to any property that requests our help. If you aren’t sure which window shutter would work best for your home or business, let us help you out! Check out our list of the best types of shutters for windows that we carry:


Wood Shutters

If you’re a huge fan of the classic wood appearance, Wood Shutters are exactly the window treatment you’ll want to be installed on your windows. Not only does this elegant shutter choice create a warm and inviting vibe to your residential or commercial property, but our window specialists will match any paint on the shutters at only $100 per color. 


Café Shutters

The perfect window solution that covers half of your window in a stunning way does exist! Café Shutters are designed to provide privacy to your home without taking away from the outdoor scenery. Not to mention, they offer a great stylish addition to your property.


Composite Shutters

A durable window treatment option that is ideal for the kitchen or bathroom space. Composite Shutters have all the benefits that wooden shutters offer but without the pricy cost. The various style choices make Composite Shutters a home must-have. 


Double Hung Shutters

As a fantastic choice for full window coverage, Double Hung Shutters allows you the opportunity to either completely shield your windows or create a more open alternative through the adjustable top and bottom slat. Talk about the best of both options!


Ready to Upgrade Your Home or Office Building in King of Prussia, PA with Our Quality Shutters?

Adding stunning window shades to your property in King of Prussia, PA has never been easier thanks to Barlett Blinds! Whether you are still indecisive about the type of window shutter to have installed on your home or are ready for your free consultation, get in touch with us today!