As a homeowner or property owner, finding the best shades for an affordable price that add a layer of privacy to your property and appear visually appealing can be quite the challenge. Every single window shade has its own unique style and benefits, making the decision more difficult to make. However, with the help of a professional customizable shades service company, you’ll be able to feel more confident in your choice than ever before! Bartlett Blinds is proud to service all residential and commercial properties in Plymouth Meeting, PA with the highest grade of window shades that incorporate both stunning designs and problem-solving window treatments. Check out the following shades we supply and see how each option can benefit your home or business:


Cellular Shades

As a great window solution designed to enhance energy efficiency in each room, Cellular Shades offer superb insulation with an aesthetically pleasing vibe. Cellular Shades are most popularly known as “honeycomb” shades due to their high-end texture and style. 


Pleated Shades

For all the windows that are far from the traditional window shape, Pleated Shades are the perfect solution for windows with tall arches, unique angles, and spiffy skylights. They are also fantastic for filtering natural light to darken or brighten each space. 


Roller Shades

Not only do these shades provide exceptional UV ray protection, but come in an assortment of textures, fabrics, and colors that can complement each room with ease. No matter the style or color pattern of the space, Roller Shades are guaranteed to add to the stylistic flair of any room they are installed in.

Roman Shades

Talk about a great solution to decrease your energy bill without jeopardizing style! Roman Shades range from plush to pleated details while providing fantastic insulation that regulates room temperature flawlessly. 


Sheer Shades

When it comes to the best shades for an affordable price that handles excess sunlight, Sheer Shades are a must-have. By cutting down on heat entering your home and blocking damaging UV rays, you’ll be able to maximize the aesthetics of your home or office building without the harmful impact of UV light. 

Solar Shades

Isn’t it about time you made the switch to solar? With our exclusive Solar Shades, you’ll be able to block unwanted sunlight from penetrating into your home and put a stop to UV ray exposure. Not to mention, you can save more on your energy bill. 


Woven Wood Shades

As an eco-friendly alternative, our line of Woven Wood Shades is the optimal choice for those looking to achieve a more organic feel to their space. Woven Wood Shades are quickly becoming the most popular home or office building shade must-have!


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