Whether you are a big fan of natural lighting or prefer to control the amount of privacy in select rooms in your home, having stellar window blinds for your residential property is on the top of the list for every homeowner. Window blinds not only satisfy the vibe of your home but can protect against unwanted UV rays that sunshine gives off, making them a top priority to have for your windows. With all the options available, it can be difficult to find the right window blinds for your windows that come at a cost that you are happy with. Bartlett Blinds is the leader in customizable blinds services across Blue Bell, PA, accentuating homes and pleasing customers for many years. Take a look at our stunning window blinds and how each window treatment option can benefit your home:


Aluminum Blinds

Where style meets convenience! These blinds are optimal for homeowners looking for a maintenance-free yet stylish window treatment that fights against moisture and regulates the amount of sunshine that travels through your home. 


Composite Blinds

An affordable blind option that is ideal for the rooms you spend the most time in at home. With the stunning aesthetic of real wood without the extra expense, this durable window treatment is guaranteed to stick around for the long run. 


Motorized Blinds

As one of the most technologically advanced window treatments on the market, these blinds allow easier convenience for altering the level of privacy for each room they are installed in. They include a quieter adjustment volume when transitioning between various levels of openness. 


Wood Blinds

Designed to accentuate any room with class and elegance. These blinds are a warm, durable window treatment that aims to beautify all interior layouts wherever they are installed. In addition, this blind option may be painted a variety of colors to match perfectly with every room.

Faux Wood Blinds

Not all window treatments are made to withstand high-humidity rooms but Faux Wood blinds sure are. With the stunning appearance of real wood without the expensive cost, these blinds come equipped with UVA inhibitors that prevent chips and cracks.  


Fabric Blinds

A low maintenance window treatment that increases natural lighting. Fabric blinds are designed with a durable topcoat that fends off unwanted dust and dirt directly from its surface, making it quicker and easier to clean. 


Vertical Blinds

The anti-glare window treatment that every home deserves! Vertical blinds are the best solution for picture windows and sliding glass doors that allow easier privacy control than ever before.


Vinyl Blinds

With plenty of shades to choose from, Vinyl blinds are an affordable blind option that adds style to every single room that they are installed in. Plus, they are quick to clean and easy to maintain. 


Interested in Obtaining Exceptional Window Blinds for Your Home in Blue Bell, PA? 

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